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Automating Your Recruiting Efforts!
By Joe Reinbold

If you have been on line for any period of time you probably have realized that marketing on line can be much more effective and inexpensive than the traditional regular mail or telephone recruiting. Your responses to inquiries can be almost instantaneous. In traditional marketing you placed advertisements or did mailings and then normally had to send out a response package to people interested in your offer. This cost money for printing, envelopes and postage. This process took several days of mailing back and forth. Even if you responded to prospects by telephone, you had to connect right away or you played telephone tag.
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With on line marketing everything is almost instant. You can receive inquiries by email and respond within minutes. And it doesn't cost you a cent in postage. And you can respond to anywhere in the world! You can send an advertisement out to a targeted list, let's say through a newsletter or ezine such as this one, and see results in a matter of hours, even less. A good example is when we joined a new program on a Monday and by Friday had filled over 70 positions in our matrix. That doesn't normally happen using the traditional methods.

You can even limit the resources you devote to it by automating the responses to inquiries. The use of autoresponders can send out all your responses for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter what you are doing. All it takes is getting yourself one and placing the email address for it in the ad instead of your own email address.

The prospect sees your ad, emails the address in it and within minutes has your marketing material. It doesn't matter whether the prospect is in the USA, Europe, Asia, Canada or South America! They have access to your material 24 hours a day. And what makes them even more efficient is the fact that you can get notified of everyone who inquired on a daily basis. Why would you want to know? To followup! You may not hear from them, so you might or should send a followup message to them to see if they have any questions about it. Or you may want to give them a small update which just might get them to buy or signup.

Autoresponders are neat little devices. Normally all you have to do is furnish a name for them and the text of your message. The message can be as much as ten pages. I like to stick to no more than two or three pages. You can always send additional info if they are interested or as part of your followup. And they can be used for any type product or service not just for recruiting in network marketing programs. You can market whatever product or service you might be selling.

One thing you should remember to do when you are setting up the text for your responder is to put some information in the material on how to contact you. Even though all the information might refer to a company you are recruiting or selling for, and they send their application or order directly to the company, you might ask them to contact you when they signup or purchase so that you can work with them to help market the program or product. You could also offer some type of free marketing information or a free report. This way you will know almost immediately when someone signs up or purchases.

Of course the use of this technique can be used with other marketing vehicles such as web pages, signature files and handling inquiries yourself. There are many service providers out there who offer autoresponders and the prices go from the low to high side just like anything else. We have our own autoresponder service available. They are inexpensive, easy to use and you receive an immediate email notification of the email address of the person inquiring. We have our own autoresponder service. Our deluxe account, which gives you unlimited autoresponders is the best priced service online at only $49.95 per year. Visit: http://www.123response.com

So take advantage of the techniques available and increase your online profits and capabilities!

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