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The August 7, 2015 Issue of Home Income Quarterly E-dition...

It is Friday again and welcome back to another issue of Home Income Quarterly E-dition. Half the summer gone...too fast! Today we are discussing Affiliate Marketing again. Affiliate marketing is a great way to start making money online and I have been involved with some form of it for the last twenty years. So take a couple of minutes and enjoy the article below.

In today's issue, our topic is "Six Ways To Earn Extra Money At Home On The Internet" by Joe Reinbold

But before getting into the discussion, take a look at a message from one of our sponsors...

Ok, now let's discuss "Six Ways To Earn Extra Money At Home On The Internet" © 2015

The Internet truly represents a whole new world of opportunities, offering more than you can even imagine. Whether you're just looking to earn extra money at home or you've decided you would like to try full-time online marketing, here are just a few ideas that can get you started.

Unlike what you may be used to in the past with traditional jobs, it's extremely important to focus your Internet work activities on things that you are interested in and good at. These opportunities aren't just jobs but ways that you can connect your skills, knowledge and interests with others who are seeking them out.

1. Become A Freelance Writer

If you like to write, the opportunities are boundless on the web. To start out, you can write for sites like eHow or find some of your own private clients on sites like Rent-a-coder, Elance, Guru, and others.

2. Sell Your Graphic Design Skills

If you are good at graphic design, you can use your skills to design websites, photo greeting cards, business materials like brochures, pamphlets, business cards, etc for small businesses. You can advertise your services on CraigsList and Ebay, just to name a couple. You can even sell your skills on Fiverr.com

3. Give LiveOps A Try

With this company, you can earn extra money at home by receiving calls from a people who are looking for information about different things. With LiveOps, you follow a written script and you get paid by the minute and extra for any add-ons you sell. You do need a fast Internet connection and certain software capabilities, but that's all before you're up and running. How many calls you receive depends on how well you do so expect to get paid more as you go along.

JustAnswer is a site where people type in their questions and the "experts" respond. If your skills are in demand, you can earn money by answering some questions on this site!

5. Join The Blogging Wave

It's incredibly easy to set up your own blog these days. You can do it for free on Weebly.com and then take a look at the other platforms like WordPress and SquareSpace as you become more familiar with the whole concept. The best money-making blog is deemed the "Niche blog", which is basically a blog that focuses on only one sub-topic instead of everything and anything.

You can make money from your blog in many ways, the easiest being AdSense (which is very easily added to your free blog). This takes a little more time but you can also sell ad space on your blog either by going out and finding advertisers or waiting for them to come to you. The extremely important thing to remember is that you want to maintain high-quality content on your blog in order to attract advertisers.

6. Get Started Instantly With Your Own Home Business

Some of you may just want to get started instantly and obtain everything you need in one place. I am associated with such an opportunity and you can get your own online business started very quickly. In fact it is like moving in and taking over. This company has been operating online for just over ten years. This package has everything you need to get started. Take a look at it HERE!. I can recommend it very highly.

Nowadays it's extremely easy to earn extra money at home on the internet. The route you choose should be based on your interests, skills, knowledge and time flexibility.

The Author:
Joe Reinbold has been doing business online for over 20 years and is owner of:
The Entrepreneur's Home Business Link
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