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The November 25, 2016 Issue of Home Income Quarterly E-dition...

It is Friday and welcome back to another issue of Home Income Quarterly E-dition. We just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US and I hope that everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving Day had a very enjoyable day.

Today's topic is "Opportunities For Working At Home"

But before getting into the discussion, take a look at a message from one of our sponsors...

Opportunities For Working At Home

Since the beginning of the Internet, opportunities for people to work at home have increased drastically. There are thousands of these type opportunities available today. It does not matter what stage of life you are in, working at home online may be the answer you are looking for.

You may be a student looking to make extra spending money, a stay at home parent, someone that has been laid off from their job, someone looking to supplement their full time income or a retired person needing to make extra living expenses. There are no age restrictions and you really do not need any specific qualifications or skills for many of the opportunities available.

Most people today have some computer skills and spend time online whether it is doing research or doing their shopping. What is great about working online at home is the fact that you really only need a computer, access to the Internet and maybe a telephone.

Many online opportunities will probably need you to have some basic computer skills. That does not mean that you have to become a programmer. If you know how to send email, search the Internet, fill out online forms and other similar tasks you would probably do alright in a high percent of the opportunities available.

If you had some higher rated skills like creating images, building websites or similar duties, transcribing or speed typing you would probably qualify for some of the more technical offers available.

Break time for a message from one of our sponsors....

Now, back to our topic.....

What if you do not have an expertise that you feel will get you started in an online work at home opportunity. That really is not a problem. There are a multitude of resources available online to train you. Yes you could go to a vocational school or evening classes to get trained in some specific area, but there are completely free resources available online.

I started online many years ago, actually just about 20 years ago, and I had the minimum of experience in the online business arena. I learned how to build websites, how to do online marketing and other areas of expertise by searching out every bit of information I could find. Today you can go to one place, a place that I wish I had available 20 years ago. My learning curve would have been much shorter. The place that I am referencing is called Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member of this great community.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything that I did not have when I got started in my online business.

Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches, up sells or credit card required)
Completely simplified Getting Started Training
Advanced support system with instant chat, comment system, forums, classrooms and direct messages
Video training, Tutorial training and Classroom training
100,000's of HELPFUL community members
You Learn at your own pace approach
You learn how to start a website or blog and how to make money from it
Owners and co-founders Kyle and Carson, help you and share their experiences along the way
2 Free, Beautifully Designed Websites and State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
A strict spam free environment.

That list above includes items that I had to search for and learn over several years when I first started. If you are considering working at home online I would seriously take a look at Wealth Affiliate. You can get started for free and stay a free member forever if you like. There is a premium membership which I have that gives you access to much more and right now they are having a special Black Friday sale which runs from November 25th to November 28th. It gives you 49% Off The Premium Yearly Membership Fee. The discounted annual fee works out to about $0.82 a day. This Black Friday discount is way better than I originally paid for my yearly membership and I am in the process of taking advantage of the discount this weekend to pay for an extra year.

I recommend that you join as a free member, take a look around and then take advantage of the Black Friday offer before November 28, 2016. There is no where else you can get the kind of support and training that Wealthy Affiliate offers. There is an ad above this article for the Black Friday sale, you can click on that to get your free membership.

When I started with Wealthy Affiliate I started building a new website called CreatingIncomeAtHome.com based on the training at Wealthy Affiliate and it has become a popular blog. I also recently launched another site called BigEbooksZone.com which deals in Amazon book sales.

So if you do not have a particular expertise or want to get into something totally new, we can help train you to find that perfect niche and show you how to start building your business. Remember, today you do not have to go through the process I went through to become an online entrepreneur, you can do it a lot easier.

The Author:
Joe Reinbold has been doing business online for over 20 years and is owner of:
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