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The December 23, 2016 Issue of Home Income Quarterly E-dition...

It is Friday and welcome back to another issue of Home Income Quarterly E-dition. Well we are almost to the end of another year and I want to thank you all for being subscribers. I also want to wish you and your families a very happy and enjoyable holiday season and a very prosperous, healthy and safe New Year. And while I am mentioning the holiday, there is still time to get our Holiday Ad Blowout Package. The sale will be ending soon.

Today's topic is "Now I Have My Own Little Tweet Machine! "

But before getting into the discussion, take a look at a message from one of our sponsors...

Now I Have My Own Little Tweet Machine!

Recently I was referred to a new product called WP Tweet Machine 2.0. Honestly, I have not been involved with social media until recently when I started a little activity with Facebook. I have had account with both Facebook and Twitter for a couple of years but for sure I didn't have a very active presence there. But recently I started paying attention and reading more of the material regarding promoting on Facebook and Twitter specifically.

One of the reasons I have not been involved much with these sites is because of the time involved, I just could not seem to get around to it. It really takes time to build a social media presence. That is why when I received the information about WP Tweet Machine 2.0, I thought maybe it was about time that I should become a tweeter!

I had been a member of Twitter for several years and this is what my stats looked like on December 18th of this year:

Twitter Stats

That is pretty poor for several years work or I guess you could say NO work. As you can see I had only tweeted 89 times, I had 1757 followers and was following 1720.

So I decided to go for WP Tweet Machine V2 and see if it really works. Now let me be clear here, everything that I have read and seen about being active on a media site like Twitter, has always indicated that it is a tremendous way to get traffic to your sites once you have a pretty good following. I guess it is never too late to try something. And that is coming from a guy who is still using a flip phone.

One of the main things that attracted me to WP Tweet Machine was the fact that they said it basically does all the stuff that I do not have time to do, which was the very reason I never really promoted Twitter.

It claims that it will work for you every hour of every day sending out tweets for you, will get you retweets and likes and get you real followers in whatever niche you are in.

WP Tweet Machine 2.0 is a WordPress plugin, not a piece of software you need to download and install on your computer. All you need to do is install it as a plugin on your WordPress site, complete the set up (which took me about 35 minutes) and let it start working. The plug in contains training videos so you can watch them within your WordPress site dashboard.

So how did it do?

I showed you what my Twitter stats were above when I installed the plugin and started it six days ago. Here is what my stats show today, December 23rd:

Twitter Stats

At the end of those six days I had an increase of 132 Tweets sent out, an increase of 168 followers and had I was following 106 more Twitter members. AND that was without me doing anything myself. Plus, the plugin has different levels you can set for how active you want each process to be. Well I set it at the lower end since I wanted to see how it worked and if it looked good, I would increase it, which would result in more results in each category.

So I was sold on it. What also has sold me on it was the fact that it really is not expensive for what it does. You can get a single site license for $17.00 or for only $2.23 more you can get an Unlimited site license for only $19.23. I went for the Unlimited site license since I have several sites I could use it on and for only a couple of bucks more it was well worth the deal.

As a result of this plugin, I have tweets going out automatically from at least three RSS feeds of related niche sites, promotional tweets going out with randomly selected images for my products and services and a number of custom tweets that I set up. So no matter what your niche, it will work. I have already seen results. I have increased traffic at my advertising site, at my Wealthy Affiliate site and several other of my sites as well as my blog at CreatingIncomeAtHome.com. You can see my Twitter page in action Here

The plugin has another feature which I have not set up yet and that is the ability to start building an email list using the Twitter platform. I will be setting that up in the near future. Based on what I have seen so far with this plugin, that should work well too.

So the bottom line is if you want to build your Twitter presence quickly and on automatic. Just click on the image below. I recommend it very highly.

The Author:
Joe Reinbold has been doing business online for over 20 years and is owner of:
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