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Solo Mailing to HIQ E-dition Subscribers                                    Wednesday - November 2, 2016

A Special Message for Subscribers of Home Income Quarterly E-dition
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You probably have considered a number of internet based
income offers, but may not yet be completely satisfied.
Perhaps you are unsure where best to position yourself, in
this part time extra income market?

Unfortunately many offers are seriously flawed. This
should not surprise you, nor should the fact so many extra
income seekers are being misled.

Be Objective and Critical

# There are high outlay opportunities where the small
player may get involved too deeply, be deceived all too
easily, and ultimately disappointed and poorer.
# There are also low outlay opportunities where the masses
are often duped, while a few "early birds", with the
benefit of prior knowledge, can gain enormously.
# There are of course those in between some worthwhile,
some not so good, others disappointing, but none inspiring
a high level of commitment.

Perhaps the ideal is an offer, providing a product or
service you can feel good about promoting, with exciting
potential to sustain you. When you really KNOW you are
providing a valued service, it is so much easier for you, as
a genuine and ethical marketer, to share your offer.


When searching for a successful business, or something
significantly better than you currently have, you probably
DO NOT WANT * a large upfront outlay, * having to carry
stock, * an obligatory monthly purchase, *having to close
sales, * working your way up a payment ladder, experiencing
a low percentage payout or *adopting an imposed monthly

But you probably DO WANT, * A product or service which
inspires belief. * One that is unique in the market, with no
credible competitor, * An opportunity to test at zero cost
before committing. * A company which helps you identify
leads, answers customer queries, and closes sales.

For a program which delivers all these desirable features,

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To your success
John McBride