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By Joe Reinbold

When you are new to the Internet it is a never ending battle to absorb the glut of information you need to make your online experience a success. How can I promote my web site? How do I register with the search engines? How do I set up my page? Is my web site working right? How do I promote by email? How do I make a banner? Do I have to pay for all these things?
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All these questions fly in the face of the statement that all you have to do is "Build Your Site and They Will Come"! Like any other business, you HAVE TO work at it! Yes, the startup expenses are considerably less than opening up a retail outlet in your local strip mall or mailing 100's or 1000's of recruitment packages by snail mail every month! If you are not a technical minded individual familiar with the ins and outs of the Internet world, you will have a pretty good learning curve. I went through it and almost everyone I have been associated with on the web did too!

The Internet is full of free resources that can help you both learn the process and help you with some of your promotion. I have kept track of some resources that have helped me and have listed them below. One of the first hurdles a new online marketer has to get over if he or she wants to jump right in and get their feet wet is putting together their site. Of course you can pay someone to design and maintain it, but that can get expensive everytime you want to make a small change. We make changes to our site every week, sometimes daily. So I definitely recommend making an effort to learn a bit of HTML in order to build and/or make changes to your own site. We started out with a program called "Hot Dog" which we found relatively simple since we didn't have an ounce of knowledge about HTML. Now we are into FrontPage98 which seems to be even simpler. You don't have to become an expert at HTML but the basics will help.

There are a number of free resources online that can help you with basic HTML, both of which give you some insight into what makes your page work:

  - HTML Tutorials in Web Design
  - HTML Help

There are free sites that can also help you check if your HTML code and other operations of your site are working:
       - http://www.anybrowser.com

Once your page or site is ready to go you want to get it registered with the main search engines and submit it on a regular basis. This site offers free registration:
       - http://www.addme.com

Here are some sites where you can get free resources to enhance your site and increase traffic:
  Build free banners:
       - http://www.animationonline.com
       - http://www.quickbanner.com
  Free scripts:
       - http://www.scriptarchive.com/
       - http://bignosebird.com

And if you are looking for information on how to promote your site or how to market online, visit these free sites for free marketing information:
       - http://www.homebizlink.com/library.htm
       - http://www.bizweb2000.com/articles.htm

These are just a few of the many free resource sites that are available online, there are hundreds more. Having access to the Internet is like having your local library at home. There is no reason to invent the wheel, there are many good writers online who share their experiences everyday with millions of readers. That is why it is also a great idea to subscribe to the many online newsletters (ezines), so you can take advantage of those experiences. See you online!

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Article by Joe Reinbold, Publisher of Home Income Quarterly E-dition, a weekly online marketing and home business newsletter. To subscribe visit The Entrepreneur's Home Business Link where you will find the solutions to your home business needs at: http://www.homebizlink.com

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