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The Little Robot That Could!
By Joe Reinbold

Years ago we all saw the projections that we would be using robots to do most of the housework and other chores around the house. Well we haven't quite gotten there yet. But there is one arena where the robot has come to life and is flourishing. On the Internet! It is a marketing technique which is an invaluable tool. It works for you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week! Whether you are sleeping, working or on vacation, it keeps doing its job relentlessly. It gives out your information upon request anywhere in the world and collects information for you. It doesn't eat, sleep, it doesn't have to hit a time clock nor do you have to pay it benefits.Yet it keeps your store open around the clock!
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I'm referring to the autoresponder. Just like the little rabbit, it keeps going and going and going! This little system stores your information, brochures, price lists, or anything else you can prepare in a text file. When someone is interested in your information, they simply send an email message and they have the information almost instantly. You don't need postage, envelopes or printing! It doesn't cost you anything. At the same time it collects and furnishes you with the identity (email address) of everyone who makes an inquiry.

How can you use it to build your business? The applications are numerous. Only your imagination limits its use. Here's some examples. We have one that we will call "Sam". We loaded the latest copy of our newsletter into its memory. In our ads which we put out all over the web we are soliciting subscribers to build our list. The ad indicates that if the individual would like to subscribe, they just have to send an email to the address in the ad and they will receive a subscription plus receive a copy of the most current issue of HIQ E-dition. It's that simple. We even get an information copy each and every time someone requests the information with the individuals email addresse and name. In addition, we have increased the circulation of the last issue we sent out. For example, if your subscription base at the time you sent out your last issue was 1,000 and you had another 100 use your autoresponder to subscribe, the last issue circulation total was 1100. As a result you have given your advertisers a bonus!

Recently I went to a seminar where I met a gentleman who markets exclusively on the Net. A year ago he wrote a book. This book has an online and soft copy version. On his web site he has a button where the interested customer can enter their email address and receive a sample of the book. Through this autoresponder, the customer receives, almost immediately, the first thirty five pages of the book. Of course this portion of the book stops at a critical point and leaves the reader hanging. If the customer is interested in reading the rest of the book, he or she returns to the web site and they can order either the printed copy of the entire book or they can order the remaining portion of the book by email. He has sold thousands of copies through this technique. Are there other uses? You bet!

Do you have a sample of your information product you would like to give away? Do you have a free information report to give away to get leads? Do you have information on a network marketing program that you are promoting? Are you trying to build an email address data base to market your product? If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you can use an autoresponder effectively and to your great advantage.

Where do you get them? They are sold by many of the internet services companies on the Net. Some sell them as part of a service package, others sell them individually. The prices range from $20 to $60 each per year, others are sold to you on a monthly basis in ranges from $20 to $40 each a month. As you can see the prices are all over the place. The primary point is that if you are marketing on the Web or getting ready to market online, you need to build the autoresponder into your marketing plan. We have our own autoresponder service. Our deluxe account, which gives you unlimited autoresponders is the best priced service online at only $49.95 per year. Visit: http://www.123response.com

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