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Using Senate Bill 1618, 105th Congress to Justify Using Spam
By Joe Reinbold

I received several questions this week regarding bulk emailing and unsolicited commercial email and the statement that you find in a lot of the messages regarding a Bill that was passed in the US Congress. The statement is generally similar to this which I took out of a piece of SPAM I received this week:

"This message is sent in compliance with the new email bill section 301. Under Bill S.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S. Congress this message cannot be considered Spam as long as we include the way to be removed, Paragraph (a)(c) of S.1618. Further transmissions to you by the sender of this email may be stopped at no cost to you by sending a request to be removed to __"
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There are a number of other statements similar to this that I regularly receive which cite other Bills and later Congressional sessions. The current session of Congress is the 107th.

I checked this morning to see if any bills have been passed regarding unsolicited commercial email and I couldn't find any. However there are several pending in various stages. The Bill referenced above, "1618", was definitely not passed by the 105th Congress. So that one is a bunch of B.S. as are other similar statements you might receive.

These kind of statements are used to make the sending of SPAM appear proper. In most cases, the email address that they give you to unsubscribe (based on their so called law) is normally an unknown address. The next time you get one of these pieces of SPAM, try removing yourself. I am willing to bet that you will get a bounced email.

It only makes sense that they would use a false unsubscribe address since the email they are sending to you is not solicited, they cite a non-existent law to make it appear that is OK to send it to you and they are also probably using a false reply address in their email.

Do you want to do business like this? Where would your credibility be? More and more people are using software and email filters to control SPAM and make sure that it goes directly into the "Trash Bin". So why waste your money on the million email CD's that you see for sale or the bulk mailing software that you see advertised everywhere.

I got a big chuckle a couple of weeks ago. I received 20 or 25 emails from a company that was promoting Anti-Spam software. What made me laugh was the fact that they were promoting it using SPAM. They sent me the message using just about every public and in house email address that we use. Some of these addresses could have only been gotten through the use of harvesting software that goes to you site and retrieves every email address on the site.

So don't make the mistake that so many new businesses make when they startup on the Net, don't use SPAM to try to market your products or services. There are plenty of valid services such as targeted ezines and opt-in mailing services around. Don't take the chance of having your ISP shutting you down for SPAMMING.

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