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So You Want To Advertise On The Net?
By Joe Reinbold

When you are new to the Internet, you are bombarded by email after email, marketing every kind of product you can think of and your first thought is ...What did I get myself into here? You might think that there is no way I can market my proposed product on the Net with all this other marketing activity. What you are primarily seeing when you log on is the result of mostly untargeted bulk emailing activities, thousands of individuals and/or companies emailing to millions of uninterested other individuals and/or companies. Sure they make money doing it that way, but they also waste a lot! They also aggravate many people and in some cases the senders lose their Internet service provider because many people complain about being "Spammed"!
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So what is the new guy or gal on the block supposed to do if they are thinking about marketing something on the Net?

First move slowly! Don't go out and purchase the first bulk mail software program you see. Likewise, don't go out and hire the first bulk mailer you see to advertise your product. Evaluate the market first. Determine who your target is. What type of offer do you have? If you are going to sell a new pet shampoo, you might want to consider targeting pet owners! Have a product that helps reduce weight? Then you might want to target the diet crowd. Of course if along with either product above you are also marketing a dealership or network marketing plan with the product, then you would also want to target people looking for business opportunities and those interested in network marketing.

Do a little research before you jump in with both feet and your wallet! The search engines on the Web are great for locating what you are interested in. Some of the major ones are:


Personally I like www.inference.com/infind since it checks many of the others listed above for you. Just go to one of the search engines and do a search for the item you are interested in. For the example above, check out "pet shampoo" and see how many hits you get and then sample some of the sites to get some ideas. This might lead you to a specific advertising vehicle such as a newsletter (ezine) or newsgroup.

You can also do a search for newsletters or ezines if you are looking for a targeted type advertising vehicle. One of the things that I have used for years is the Directory of Ezines which is owned by Charlie Page. It is a fantastic directory with a lot of specific information which makes your job a lot easier if you want to advertise in ezines.

Sample some of the ezines on the list. Ezines are a great advertising vehicle. They are subscriber based, meaning that the people on the list are interested in the newsletter topic. The circulation of ezines can range from 1,000 to 600,000. You are talking about pre-qualified, interested prospects for your offer. Compare this with sending your offer out to 10,000 unknowns when you use untargeted bulk mail.

You also need to look at the cost for sending out your offer. One of the general ways to look at it is the cost per thousand. You should shop for the best advertising rates. There are also Opt-in direct email lists such as http://www.PostmasterDirect.com They have numerous lists that you can choose from. Their rates per thousand vary according to the type list you are looking for.

There are many ways you can get the word out about your product. Newsgroups, free and paid classifieds, ezines, free link pages, ad exchanges, banners exchanges, signature files on all your own email messages. We have our own advertising site where you can advertise, FreeAdvertising4All.com.

In summary, if you need to market your product or service on the Net, do a little research first, identify your target market, and shop for the best prices. Be an educated advertiser, it will pay you in the long run!

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